DHS Student Athlete & Parent Contract

DHC players and parents are required to review and sign the DHS Student Athlete and Parent Contract. The signed document must be submitted before a player is considered fully registered. Please download the form below and submit to the DHC Registrar.


Participation in athletics is a privilege not a right. The athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, desire, and discipline. The athlete must discipline himself to be a good citizen and student in order to achieve athletic excellence. The faculty and administration of Duchesne High School believes that the tradition of winning is established & maintained upon these principles. In the pursuit of athletic achievement and the character training of young persons the following Athletic Policies must be understood and agreed to between the school, the athlete and the parents.


All team members of each sport will attend all scheduled practices and meetings. All athletes are expected to arrive at school on time and attend all classes. Excessive tardiness and or absences may result in failure of class work, resulting in ineligibility in athletics.

Personal Health Practices

Due to harmful effects on the health of the individual, all athletes will refrain from use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and drugs. Verification of violation concerning the use of the above substances will result in disciplinary action. The discipline will be carried out as described in the student handbook. Parents are expected to enforce the regulations. Student athletes are perceived as role models and representatives of Duchesne High School; therefore, it is unacceptable for an athlete to associate with other individuals who are violating the law.


Athletes are expected to be good citizens of the school. Conduct that is not in accordance with the rules and regulations in the student handbook may result in disciplinary action by the coach and or athletic director. We understand that if the above regulations are not followed, disciplinary measures as defined in the student handbook will be administered.

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